4xxi and Capital Enterprise – Competition to win a Minimum Viable Product


How to get an amazing idea off the ground can often be challenging. Competition for investment, limited expertise, resources and finances available, a stepping stone could be that exact platform that is required to get you moving in the right direction.


4xxi have 10+ year’s experience working with startups and over 80 clients globally that have procured their product development expertise. They have delivered Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI projects across different sectors and built web and mobile platforms for prominent startups in today’s market. Some of their projects are award winning and some they’ve helped clients to raise in excess of $200M in funding. Their approach is to ensure that every member of the team is as passionate about your product as if it were their own.  


Capital Enterprise and 4xxi share a similar value that they love to see tech-enabled startups succeed. They also, having worked with startup businesses from a variety of sectors and fields, understand the difficulties founders face when developing a business.


Together they have multiple years of experience and compliment each other with their respective expertise. They can provide the tools and support required to make a good idea a fantastic business, and have the know-how to help growing startups a success. With this shared passion and knowledge, they felt they would offer one lucky business the chance to win that stepping stone.


Capital Enterprise and 4xxi have partnered together to host a competition for a tech enabled startup the chance to win the development of a Minimum Viable Product.


Extended deadline for applications: Applications close on Monday 22nd October at 5pm.

Please send your application deck to us before this date.

A shortlist of 10 exciting tech enabled startups or companies will be announced on Friday 26th October, and will be invited to attend IDEALondon on Monday 12th November to pitch their project to a panel of judges from 4xxi & Capital Enterprise.

All applicants of the pitch event will hear over the following 48 hours whether they have won the 1st place prize of the MVP. 2nd and 3rd place prizes are also up for grabs and will also be announced.


How to apply

Please send the following, in the format of an extended deck:


  1. Introduction

  * Who are you and why you`re here? (keep it short and sweet)

  1. Team

  * show the people behind the idea and briefly describe their role

  1. Problem

  * What problem are you trying to solve?

  * Is it really a problem?

  1. Solution

  * Describe how are you planning to solve the problem

  1. Advantages

  * What makes your solution special?

  * How are you different from others?

  * What are the alternative solutions to the problem you are trying to solve?

  1. Product

  * How does your product or service actually work? Show some examples

  1. Traction

  * Traction means having a measurable set of customers that serves to prove a potential

  * Any prototypes / partnerships that you have

  1. Market

  * Know, or at least attempt to predict, the size of your target market

  1. Business model

  * How are you planning to make money?

  * Show a schedule when you expect revenues and return on investment

  * Are you looking to raise investment?  

  1. Contact

  * Leave your contact details and let people know how to reach you quickly.


Please send all above information in Pitch Deck format to gracie@capitalenterprise.org.


Key dates:


Date Activity
Thursday 13th September Applications OPEN for MVP Competition
Monday 22nd October Applications CLOSE for MVP Competition
Friday 26th October Shortlist of successful startups announced
Monday 12th November Pitch evening at IDEALondon


More information about the competition partnership between 4xxi and Capital Enterprise can be viewed here.