About Us

About Us

We are the UK’s startup experts, connecting & energising a world-class entrepreneurship ecosystem.


Our Vision

To make the UK the best place in the world to start and scale a business 


Our Mission

  • To facilitate the growth and success of the UK’s startup ecosystem
  • To enable our members to play a leading role in the delivery of support services to UK based start-ups


We are a body of connectors, influencers, investors and policymakers, collaborating to serve and super-charge the UK’s start-up scene. 


For Startups

  • We manage and deliver programmes that;

– Boost leadership skills

– Grow your team

– Increase R&D capacity

– Get you seed funding ready

  • We plug you into the investment scene by making 1-1 introductions to the right investors.
  • We host regular networking events to connect you to the major enterprise players.
  • We believe in entrepreneurship for all and champion underrepresented tech founders in the UK.
  • We have deep knowledge and expertise in the tech start-up scene.

For Startup Supporters

  • We build coalitions to bid for funding.
  • We lobby for policy change and initiatives in your interests.
  • We collaborate to pioneer new approaches to accelerators, finance, and workspaces.
  • We manage and operate co-working and event spaces.
  • We share inside knowledge on the latest funding, innovation and enterprise players.
  • We host regular member networking events to connect and supercharge the ecosystem. 

For Corporates 

  • We leverage our deep knowledge and experience in the tech start-up scene to offer consultancy, expertise, high-quality support and access to an engaged enterprise community.
  • We lobby and influence on entrepreneurial issues that keep the UK prosperous.
  • We manage and co-manage funds, working spaces and programmes.

We unite a powerful membership network of the UK’s leading universities and colleges, accelerators, co-working spaces, enterprise agencies, innovation institutes and public sector organisations. Our committed members provide a range of programs to help companies launch, innovate, grow and scale their businesses.

As a catalyst, we enable entrepreneurship by supporting our member organisations to initiate, develop, promote and deliver services directly to support the growth of startup companies.

Capital Enterprise is funded through members’ subscriptions, third-party sponsorship, and by income received from public/private sector partners to develop, pilot and manage innovative programmes that support enterprises and entrepreneurs across the UK. 

Capital Enterprise is mission-driven, not profit-driven and is “limited by guarantee”, democratically governed by a board of directors appointed by its members.


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