About Us

Capital Enterprise is dedicated to accelerating the UK’s tech startup ecosystem by working with our diverse membership of investors, universities, local authorities, accelerators, incubators, and enterprise agencies to support tech startups.


Our mission is to make the UK the best place in the world to start and scale a business.

By working collaboratively with our members and partners, we accelerate the growth of the UK’s most innovative startups and the next generation of groundbreaking founders.

We operate across four areas of focus and actively seek collaborations to pioneer new approaches to startup acceleration.

  1. We serve founders and startups from communities that are under-represented;
  2. We co-develop tech startup ecosystems;
  3. We pioneer specialised startup innovation programmes such as tech accelerators;
  4. We support ambitious startups to raise funding.

We are mission-driven, not profit-driven, with offices in London and Sheffield.

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