Company: Antiverse
Role: Machine Learning Engineer


Antiverse is building a world-first computational antibody drug discovery platform to predict antibody-antigen binding and provide antibody drug candidates in one day.

A combination of state of the art machine learning and cell-free protein synthesis is used to predict antibodies that bind to a given antigen target with high affinity. The resulting software can then take antigen taget sequence, provided by the customer, and do a high-throughput screening of all possibilities of antibody sequences to detect the sequence that will produce a high-affinity antibody for the target.

Antiverse are looking for a machine learning engineer to help develop our novel antibody-generation service.


Key activities would include:

  • Improving and testing our machine learning models
  • Helping develop novel improvements
  • Collating and processing experimental datasets from public sources, partners and internal data.


Key skills:

  • Python and TensorFlow.


*Please note: The Antiverse team are currently working out of London in various locations, meaning the intern would need to travel to Cardiff to be based with Antiverse team members and undertake the internship.


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to