Company: Auris Tech
Role: Various


Auris Tech is a London and Edinburgh based startup that is pioneering automatic speech recognition (ASR) for children and building a market-leading ASR engine for reading. We have been developing our cutting-edge ASR engine in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh School of Informatics and have achieved a world-class level of recognition accuracy. As we finalize our product for launch this summer (be part of the next big thing during our early days!!), we are seeking to fill one or more of these positions to support our next steps in development and growth.

Learn more about us and what we’re doing at our product site or our company site The role(s) would be based remotely and at our office in Angel.

Roles available:


  1. Application Developer

Create a prototype variant of our existing iOS application that runs on Android devices and/or Chromebook.

As part of our plans for the future, expanding the range of devices that our ASR works across is high on our priority list. The first stage of this process is to develop a prototype application for that platform which allows us to both test and improve our ASR accuracy on the hardware that platform supports.

We have identified that the next platform we should support is either Android (for home users) or Chromebook (for school users) and you will be allowed to pick your preferred platform. Likewise the programming language and framework knowledge required will be influenced by this preference, however we will favour any solution that is multi-platform and therefore captures a larger audience.

You will be given an introduction into our current application and technology and from there be expected to work autonomously with little oversight.

Must haves:
• Passionate and eager to continuously improve and develop your skills.
• Good knowledge of your chosen language(s) and framework(s).
• The ability to work independently and manage your own time.
• A passion for writing elegant code utilising best practices and good software development patterns.
• Some experience with Git source control.
• Comfortable working on the command line.
• Understanding of how to interact with JSON API’s.
• A passion for improving children’s reading outcomes.

Nice to haves:
• Ability to read and understand Swift & PHP source code.
• Familiar with VMs (Vagrant, VirtualBox).
• Some knowledge of working with raw audio on your chosen platform & language.
• Basic image asset editing skills in Photoshop or similar.
• A StackOverflow account.

2. Digital Solutions Designer

Research, design and document the possibilities for licensing our ASR system to 3rd parties.

As part of our plans for expansion, one avenue we are eager to look into more is the ability to take our existing software and offer this to other companies. This is an extremely flexible role and you will be able to define your own outcomes and plan your own working methods. As a primarily non-programming role it would suit someone looking to move quickly onto either the technical management ladder or technical systems design

A suggested working route for this role is as follows:
• Understand and map out the various components of the existing systems we use.
• Identify key area’s where 3rd parties may require something different (i.e. Their own custom authentication).
• Design and document potential solutions to each identified key area.
• Research the potential types of 3rd party uses for our technology.
• Using that research, invent example companies who may want to license our technology, and then document the solution we could offer.

This role involves a lot of independent working and you should be prepared to plan your own time, as well as plan the time you have with our technical team effectively. As a thought heavy role, opportunities to “take a break” and work on some other area may be available depending on your skillset.

Must haves:
• An attention to detail.
• Able to create documentation that is clear and concise.
• Broad technical knowledge.
• Ability to work independently and manage your own time.
• Comfortable digging through source code (Swift & PHP primarily) and reverse engineering how things work together.
• Strong communication skills.

Nice to haves:
• Programming skills in PHP or JavaScript.
• Experience working with systems compromised of a frontend application, backend API and hosting services.
• Scalable systems design.
• An expert at Googling.

3. Game Designer

Research and design educational mini-games for children to aid with reading comprehension.

An important part of learning to read is comprehension, i.e. do you understand the meaning of a piece of text and are you able to integrate that with your existing knowledge. We also know that we learn more when we’re engaged and the process of gamification is an excellent engagement tool. This role is therefore centred on researching and designing small mini-games that engage readers whilst not being a distraction.

You’re first task will be to research what makes a good educational mini-game and what doesn’t. You’ll also need to think about the types of comprehension questions that may need to be supported. You will then move on to designing the overall game experience within the app before moving onto designing specific types of games that we could implement. If you have the pre-requisite skills to prototype these games you may also do that, otherwise wireframes and/or illustrations will be fine too.

This is an autonomous role where you will be given the freedom to work how you like and get to play some games at work whilst calling it research. Following an introduction to the existing application and our brand identity you will check-in weekly with your line manager or at agreed milestones.

Must haves:
• A passion for improving children’s reading outcomes.
• A general interest in reading pedagogy.
• An understanding of how games are created.
• The ability to convey ideas visually.
• Able to work independently and manage your own time effectively.
• Strong communication skills.
• Creative thinker.
• Ability to analyse and evaluate research data and make decisions based on this.
• Keen interest in User Experience.

Nice to haves:
• Experience designing and/or implementing small mini-games.
• An existing knowledge of how young children learn to read.
• A pet axolotl.


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to