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Thank you for attending our online demo day on the 19th January.  

Please find below each business’ video presentation from the day, details on how to get in touch, and a full recording of the event.


Full recording of the event

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Startup Presentations

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Sector: Future Mobility/Smart Cities

Location: Cambridge

Description: At MOSA, we are building a smart parking and service platform for micromobility. We use patent-pending, low-cost IoT technology (MOSA lock) to turn conventional parking racks into smart and safe parking spaces at scale for micromobility and open up the possibility of green rack-based bike-sharing with recycled bikes. We have signed three pilots, including Cambridge Science Park, in Cambridge, our first service city, and there are more pilots in discussion.

Founders: Josh Liu, CEO

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Sector: Fintech

Location: London/St Andrews

Description: Turnkey platform enabling brands to rent products and 10x their conversion rate. 

Founders: Dillon Harindiran

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Data Duopoly

Sector: Predictive Data

Location: Falmouth

Description: Our mission is to use the power of data and AI to be the go-to supplier for visitor experience solutions in any venue.

Founders: Tanuvi Ethunandan, CEO

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Waymark Tech

Sector: Regtech

Location: London

Description: Waymark provides regulatory peace of mind: Our award-winning Natural Language Processing engine, Wayfinder, facilitates seamless management of regulatory impact and transparency across all areas of your business.

Founders: Mark Holmes, CEO

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Donaa Ltd

Sector: 3D Printing

Location: London

Description: Donaa delivers a powerful tool to detect defects in real-time during 3D printing, enabling our customers to save costs and protect the environment.

Founders: Anas Achouri, CEO

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Sector: Femtech/Retail

Location: Liverpool

Description: Dearbump provides an award winning subscription box for new parents, with digital check-ins for their employers.

Founders: Emma Jarvis, CEO

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Hunter Labs Technologies

Sector: Fintech

Location: London

Description: Hunter Labs Technologies will allow Gen Z and Millenials to create and manage investment portfolios like pros through their product Kreesibl.

Founders: Lydia Ofori, CEO

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Sector: Climatetech/Mobility

Location: London

Description: Paua is a climate tech company focusing on making public electric vehicle charging easier enabling fleets to consider this within their electrification strategy. We aggregate thousands of chargepoints into a single driver experience and a single bill enabling better VAT management and accounting. We enable fleets to electrify routes that could be considered too challenging.

Founders: Niall Riddell, CEO & Co-founder and André Pinho, CEO & Co-founder

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Three Robins

Sector: Foodtech

Location: Edinburgh

Description: Three Robins are developing an exciting new oat milk brand aimed and families and children.

Founders: Karen Robinson, CEO

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Sector: Healthtech

Location: London

Description: Neucruit are tackling the massive problem that is clinical trial recruitment.

Founders: Livia Ng, CEO

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