Cancer Tech Accelerator, dedicated to supporting cutting-edge oncology spinouts, has selected 52 teams to participate in its 2024 cohort, including researchers from universities and cancer research institutions across the UK and internationally. 

These 52 teams, plus a further eight highly promising individuals who will be given a chance to form teams at a later date, will embark on a ten-month journey, equipping them with the entrepreneurial skills and connections necessary to spin out their research into a commercial entity.

Imperial College London was the university with the highest number of successful applications to Cancer Tech Accelerator, with 13 teams accepted, followed by the University of Cambridge with seven. Other highly successful universities include University of Edinburgh (four teams), and King’s College London and Queen Mary University London (three each). Other universities with a team on the accelerator include Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow, Essex, and Dundee.  

Several teams emerged from cancer charities and hospitals, with two successful teams from Barts NHS Health Trust and Cancer Research UK each. Other teams will join from The Crick, the Institute of Cancer Research, and King’s College Hospital.

This year’s cohort also includes a number of international teams, including representatives from University of Oslo, Gothenburg University, Université Paris Cité, Santa Clara University, Tartu University, and Kaunas University of Technology, underlining the UK’s appeal as a centre for innovation. 

Now in its third year of delivery, Cancer Tech Accelerator serves as a catalyst for groundbreaking advancements in oncology. From among the members of its first two cohorts, numerous participants have secured substantial funding and gone on to forge exciting partnerships with industry incumbents.

From the intensive five-day Bootcamp to the comprehensive Phase I and Phase II, the Accelerator is dedicated to empowering academic innovators to translate their research into impactful solutions for cancer patients. Following the Bootcamp, there will be a selection where the most promising 25 projects will be admitted into Phase I receiving a further 3 months of thematically focused sessions and mentoring support.

Cancer Tech Accelerator plays a vital role in allowing teams to develop the commercial potential of their research by directly awarding non-dilutive grants of up to £70,000 to a select number of teams. These grants provide vital support to these researcher-entrepreneurs, bridging the gap between research and commercial viability. This year, there will be a special focus on supporting projects in childhood cancers, blood cancer, and brain tumours, in addition to other areas.

Thanks to our partners and supporters, Cancer Research UK, Cancer Research Horizons, The Brain Tumour Charity, Blood Cancer UK, LifeArc, HGF, and Roche, for their continued support of Cancer Tech Accelerator.