We spoke to Allan Ponniah of Cogitat about how the KEEP programme helped his company build a demo for their brainwave-reading electroencephalography (EEG) software.

Allan is the CEO of Cogitat, a startup developing software to read and interpret brainwaves using EEG technology.

By allowing machines to interpret brainwaves as commands, Cogitat paves the way for inclusive VR applications. This technology will enable all users – including those with physical impairments – to participate in the metaverse and immersive VR environments.

“Having built this demo, we noticed a great difference in the way we are able to communicate what we do to investors,” Allan told us. “This has led four collaborators to contact us by seeing our demo on YouTube, so it’s really opened up our business.”

KEEP stands for Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnership and it’s part of our CAP AI programme. Through the programme, we pair researchers from top British universities with startups working in AI and ML, allowing them to commercialise their research.

KEEP is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund. We still have several KEEP opportunities for the rest of 2022 – if you’re interested, please send an email to CAP-AI programme manager, Kim Holland.

Image credit: courtesy of Cogitat.