It is with immense pride and enthusiasm that we announce OneTech‘s evolution from a project within Capital Enterprise to a fully independent not-for-profit. This significant milestone, set to occur in the coming weeks, marks an exciting new chapter in OneTech’s journey.

OneTech, which has been an integral part of Capital Enterprise since its inception, will acquire its own board of directors separate from Capital Enterprise, achieving complete operational independence. This autonomy will enhance their ability to fund and deliver programmes tailored to their core mission – tackling systemic inequality in the startup ecosystem and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as foundational startup values.

This transition brings several benefits for both OneTech and Capital Enterprise. With full independence, OneTech will be better positioned to form strategic partnerships, secure funding, and prioritise decisions that best serve their startup community and support OneTech’s growth. Their newfound agility will enable them to respond more efficiently to the evolving needs of the entrepreneur community.

For Capital Enterprise, spinning out a successful project like OneTech marks a significant milestone in our journey. This evolution paves the way for another robust external partner, opening avenues for collaborative funding bids, tenders, and projects. Even as separate entities, our shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion continue to be the foundation of our collaboration. 

Over the years, OneTech has grown impressively under Capital Enterprise’s umbrella. It has expanded from a small team to a talented outfit, from a single programme to a menu of activities, programmes and services, and from a London-centric operation to broadening its reach across the UK. This remarkable growth is a testament to the relentless efforts of Emma Obanye and her dedicated team.

It is a privilege to have contributed to OneTech’s growth. We celebrate their achievements and the inspiring journey they have charted and eagerly anticipate the new opportunities their independence will unlock. We are not saying goodbye, but rather arrivederci.

Here’s to a future filled with continued success and fruitful collaborations!