Last week, we wrapped up the Demo Day for cohorts 7 and 8 of our Funding Readiness programme, which we deliver with Barclays Eagle Labs. It’s always very rewarding to see the companies we support get onstage and pitch, and this demo day didn’t disappoint.

First up was Lluna Gallego who shared an overview of the exciting work being done by Vector Bioscience Cambridge to improve cancer therapy with a novel RNA-delivery platform.

Darksquare has developed an investment platform allowing individuals to access alternative private market assets and better diversify their portfolios away from equity and crypto, as founder Daniel Harman explained.

Ben Schuldenfrei and David Rabee, co-founders at Factored, pitched their strategy to better connect landlords with funding in order to invest in improving their properties – for example, to comply with mandatory EPC standards.

Robert Hill introduced us to Fizzboxcom Ltd, which provides a seamless booking experience for all kinds of group activities – including everything from Christmas parties and team-building days to dance classes.

When it comes to sustainability, corporates are under a new level of scrutiny and need the best climate professionals to meet their ESG goals. That’s why Nick Valenzia started Leafr Climate Freelancing, the Upwork for climate specialists, already the top-ranked destination for this sector.

Led by Dr Johann Malawana, Medics.Academy is on a mission to address the global shortage of qualified healthcare workers by delivering scalable educational infrastructure across the UK, Asia and beyond.

Salman Moghimi from Peyk explained his company’s ambitions to solve the last mile problem with autonomous delivery robots, with trials already underway in a number of Gulf countries including the UAE, Qatar, and Kuwait.

At one time or another, we’ve all found ourselves with a phone that’s about to die. Gejia Ouyang pitched the POWREADY solution to this exceedingly common problem – a network of charging stations, letting consumers safely charge their devices wherever they are.

Securium Ltd builds software tools for law enforcement to effectively analyse large volumes of text, for example from screenshots of WhatsApp messages gathered as evidence. CEO Dr Anna Vartapetiance explained how their cyber intelligence products are already helping to counter threats to public safety.

Co-founders Rashid Aliyev and Danil Gontovnik explained how they plan to improve the moving and self-storage experience with Stackt, a platform that integrates these functions and makes it easy for customers keep track of their stuff.

Thanks to all our entrepreneurs for their hard work! With more than 800 applications from Funding Readiness, it wasn’t easy to select just 10 startups to present.

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