Any doctor will tell you that the best way to train new medics is when delivering care face-to-face with patients. However, with an ageing population and ever-busier hospitals, clinics, and GP surgeries, it’s a growing challenge to find time for on the job training.

So when Capital Enterprise connected Medwise and Oslr at the P4SY showcase in Sheffield, it was only a matter of time before these digital health startups joined forces to address this global issue.

Medwise provides seamless access to clinical guidelines, pathways, and educational resources, supporting doctors and their students with the resources they need to access for their training. This matches up neatly with the tools developed by Oslr to arrange and automatically capture workplace training in hospitals for continuing professional development (CPD), maximising attendance and reducing the number of cancellations. 

When we made the intro between Dr Keith Tsui, co-founder and CEO of Medwise, and Alan Pooley, COO at Oslr and an entrepreneur in residence at Capital Enterprise, the synergies were instantly compelling. 

A few months on and Medwise.Ai for Oslr is already being piloted, enabling doctors to instantly obtain clinical guidelines, such as Acute Critical Care guidelines from Barts, London’s largest NHS Trust. They can also respond to training needs and create workplace training sessions. 

It’s a concrete example of agile innovation and yet another demonstration of how collaborations come about organically in a more connected healthtech ecosystem.