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Computer Vision Scientist

MindVisionLabs is a UCL spinout, backed by Toyota as both a client and an investor. We’re creating autonomous car technologies through conducting parallel and complementary research in AI (computer vision and machine learning) and neuroscience (neuroimaging). MVL are currently recruiting top-shelf ML and CV researchers, ideally with specialisations in deep learning and video analysis, with a passion for conducting research from the ground up.

Data Scientist

Transformative are transforming Healthcare through Predictive Analytics. With links to CERN and the University of Cambridge, they are tackling serious medical conditions and have developed an algorithm that predicts Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

As a data scientist you will be working with the Transformative team on its ventricular tachyarrhythmia prediction algorithm as it is validated and further developed. You will also focus on creating targeted models for well-defined conditions with highly detrimental acute outcomes.

Data Science Engineer (Python)

AI Powered Financial Data Extraction for the Bond Market

We are looking for a data scientist in the NLP field to help build a state of the art tool using Machine Learning.

Junior Data Scientist

The team at CENTURY is committed to using technology to improve learner outcomes and make teachers’ lives easier.  CENTURY Tech is a cloud-based web platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology, cognitive neuroscience and big data insights to engage students through a personalised learning experience.

We are seeking a Junior Data Scientist to work on building a content recommendation system to help students make the most of our adaptive learning offering.

Machine Learning Engineer

Reinfer makes human conversations understandable at scale and actionable to machines. It makes it easy for users to create, manage and deploy state of the art machine learning algorithms against high volume streams of conversational data.

The role of the candidate will be to use cutting edge NLP / ML techniques to extend the platforms existing capability alongside a multi-discplinary team of researchers, data scientists and developers.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Unibuddy is a London based Edtech startup, backed by Logitech and Goldman Sachs partners, that develops software products for universities around Europe.

Unibuddy are looking for someone to design, implement and operate state of the art machine learning systems for a wide range of problem areas: question answering systems, chatbots, text classification, etc. joining a team of experienced engineers and ML experts from world class universities.

Data Scientist

Gyana uses machine learning to make Big Data analysis available to all businesses, during their everyday lives.

We require a Data Scientist who will be focusing on spatial data, extracted from connected sensors and devices, incorporating information from millions of people. They will devise an machine learning approach to extract a signal on human behaviour at an individual level from this data and implement these techniques at production scale and capacity.

Data Scientist

myrecovery is a digital platform for orthopaedic surgical recovery, founded by two UK surgeons, and backed by substantial venture capital.

myrecovery is pioneering the ability to deliver AI-driven movement (gait) analysis of patients undergoing orthopaedic treatment, using consumer hardware.

We have developed a proof-of-concept demo of this capability and are now seeking to productise it. We are seeking a Data Scientist to lead the research and development of the core ML (neural network) component, which will accurately determine 3D human joint positions from mobile video.

Senior Data Scientist

Focaldata is an AI company that helps marketing professionals make better decisions.

We are seeking a senior data scientist with expertise in generative models and Bayesian inference. This person will be responsible for building up a library on exceptional hierarchical models on a range of industries. You will help improve our data infrastructure, including our representation of the UK population, and how we use uncertainty (the full probability distribution) in the backend and frontend. You will also be responsible for thinking creatively how to leverage the data we ingest, such as into informative priors and intelligent distributions so improve the quality of our predictions in an ongoing fashion

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