SME Opportunities

As part of CAP-AI we offer various opportunities to eligible AI focused SMEs.

To find out whether you are eligible to take part in our programme, you must be able to answer YES the all of the questions below.

Eligibility Questions:

  • Are you an AI / ML company? 
  • Do you employ fewer than 250 people? 
  • Are you a London registered and/or trading company? 
  • Is your annual turnover below €50mil? 
  • Is your balance sheet below €43mil? 
  • Your business is not a subsidiary of or under control of a larger SME entity (25% or more)? 

Answered yes to all of these questions? You are eligible to take part in CAP-AI!

Innovation Internships

Our Innovation Interns are looking for opportunities in London’s best AI/ML SMEs or those looking to develop their capabilities. They are looking for projects they can really sink their teeth into; enabling them to share their knowledge, collaborate and tackle some really interesting AI related R&D.

Here is all you need to know about the Innovation Internship programme:

  • Funding is limited to 1 intern per company
  • Internships are 12 weeks in Summer/Autumn 2019 and require the intern to work on a full-time AI/ML focused R&D project.
  • Interns are Masters level+ and will be paid £3,000 through CAP-AI funding.
  • Startups must be based in London, and are also responsible for topping up the interns’ monthly payment to the London Living Wage (£10.55 per hour) for the duration of the internship


Research Collaborations

We are working with some of the UK’s top universities to help you to collaborate with them and their MSc dissertation students. Students will work on an R&D project that you provide a brief for using it as a focus for their final project, and you get a great piece of research at no cost to you.

A great opportunity to gain some free of charge expertise, gain some fresh insight and trial new approaches and potential employees with some of the Warwick Universities leading MBA students

Warwick are looking for exciting project briefs from dynamic and exciting startups for their students to work on as a requirement of their Masters programme. Please see here for more information or email f this could be of interest and she will provide you with more details.

Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnerships (KEEPs)

In such a fast paced innovative space, finding experts specialising in AI and Machine Learning to work for your company is difficult. As part of our KEEP programme we are dedicated to finding you the perfect Post MSc/PhD candidate, helping you to focus their research, and also part fund their salary, giving you the opportunity to pay them a competitive rate.

Our KEEP programme has been widely successful so far. We have placed 20 KEEPs since the start of the programme. Due to keen interest and demand, WE NOW HAVE 4 MORE TO ALLOCATE!

As part of the KEEP programme you will be able to:

  • Employ a post-MSc/PhD (KEEP) with AI/ML expertise to work for your company
  • Get help in sourcing your perfect candidate
  • Have 37% of your KEEPs salary part-funded by CAP-AI on a 6-12 months project basis
  • Have expert advice on scoping your KEEPs job description and the research they will be focusing on during their employment
  • Be supported with expertise and mentoring throughout the KEEP programme

This is a great opportunity for those companies who are looking to create a focused project that will work towards creating new products, services and/or processes to both your company and the market. Register your interest in the KEEP programme ASAP.

Once registered we will send you an application form for you to let us know about your potential KEEP project.

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