Stimulating growth in London’s AI cluster through partnerships with startups and universities

CAP AI is dedicated to stimulating growth in London’s AI cluster, building collaborations between UK universities and startups and supporting the commercialisation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) research.

Our mission is to provide AI SMEs with the resources they need to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive landscape. We help SMEs gain access to computational power, resources and talent that they would not normally be able to find or afford, enabling them to move their businesses forward.

We leverage our network of AI professionals and academics to provide business support and expertise to SMEs, guiding R&D projects and de-risking their path to success.

Current Programmes

UCL MSc Business Analytics Consulting Project

We are looking for businesses with data analysis needs to host one or multiple MSc Business Analytics students for 3 months who will apply their business analytics and computational skills to provide actionable insights. Would your business benefit from additional analytics and data consultancy support?

Please register your interest here.

P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator

The P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator seeks out leading medtech startups, leveraging a powerful network of mentors, investors, and academics to support them as they scale. Through the P4 and Cancer Tech Accelerator programmes, we offer unparalleled resources to researchers and entrepreneurs who are developing significant innovations in the fields of precision medicine and cancer tech. 

Read more on the P4 Accelerator website here

Past Programmes

Machine Learning Academy

Machine Learning Academy was a free programme designed to introduce founders, entrepreneurs and startup employees who don’t come from a technical background to the basics of ML and AI. The programme aimed to help founders understand how they can incorporate machine learning successfully into their companies. 

KEEP (Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnership)

In such a fast paced innovative space, finding experts in AI/ML to work for your company can be difficult. Through the KEEP programme, we helped startups source the right talent and part-funded 37% of their salary on a 6-12 month basis. Further support, mentoring and expertise were available through the Capital Enterprise network.

Generative AI Masterclass

The Generative AI Masterclass was a free online programme designed to help founders, entrepreneurs, and startup employees understand generative AI and how it can be applied to drive business success.The course was made up of 12 hours of content delivered online, including reading materials, recorded lectures, and recorded tutorials. It also included one-to-one project support sessions. The course was led by Dr Alastair Moore, who also leads our Machine Learning Academy.

Barts Health Trust Programme

Barts Life Sciences (BLS) ran cutting edge AI and machine learning projects led by world leading clinicians and academics, managed by talented data scientists. Some of BLS’s project achievements include the creation of:

  •  A natural language processing tool that detected 20% more patients with diabetes and 350% more patients with diabetic foot
  • A tool that can detect heart disease from an MRI scan in just 20 seconds, faster than the average human performance (13 minutes)
  • An algorithm using demographic data to identify disease risk factors, clusters and incidence spikes
  • A tool combining natural language processing, machine learning and statistical analysis to find, interpret and link clinical insights about thousands of conditions and treatments, supporting a wide variety of needs using data from online health boards
  • ~20 academic journal publications and newspaper articles

In partnership with CAP AI, BLS provided SMEs support with funding applications, intellectual property and commercialisation, connections with clinical teams to test products and services and connections with academic teams for collaborative research.

Machine Intelligence Garage (Digital Catapult)

Garages hold a special place in the history of tech. They are the beginning of great things; a place where game-changing innovations are born and incubated. Digital Catapult’s flagship AI programme, Machine Intelligence Garage, was an acceleration programme that addresses the challenges today’s artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) startups face. You can find more information here.

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