Over the Summer of 2019, the GLA appointed Capital Enterprise to deliver:

a) A review and refresh of the existing business support information/data on the London Growth Hub to ensure it is accurate and up to date, and identify any gaps 

b) An analysis of the current business support landscape and recommendations for future strategic direction on areas of intervention by the London Growth Hub, the Mayor of London, and the LEAP

Through this work we used data collection and web data scraping techniques to provide a complete, up to date and accurate list of business support operators and schemes in London. In addition, we engaged almost 78 business support providers and stakeholders through a survey, interviews, and focus groups.  

In terms of outcome, Capital Enterprise delivered a fully interactive map of all business support providers in London, an updated and accurate database of providers and an extensive report setting out the findings of the research, insights on the Growth Hub and clear recommendations on the potential role of the Growth Hub in the short and medium term.