Capital Enterprise successfully organised and facilitated a blockchain hackathon for UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies (UCL CBT) and Ripple (the blockchain payments network). In collaboration with UCL CBT, we developed the structure, marketing plan, and event logistics for ‘Block-Sprint’, which consists of several events over the course of a ten-day period from the 11th-22nd November. 

We received 26 team applications of about 5 people each, narrowing down to 23 teams to take part in the hackathon, following an application evening judged by our own John Spindler among others. We had initially aimed to take on just twenty, but found many of the teams, several of whom had formed at one of our build up events to the hackathon, to be of too high a quality to eliminate. All teams met our diversity requirements of consisting of a mix of students, corporate or startup members, and academics, facilitating great cross-discipline collaborati