Capital Enterprise and The CASTS Project are seeking quotes to create and facilitate a Distributed ledger technology  (DLT) hackathon.


CASTS is a project part funded by the European Regional Development fund. The CASTS programme will expand the provision of London’s high quality accelerator programmes in order to generate more innovative tech and tech focused fast growth companies. CASTS will also fill the present gap in provision for a specialist support service that will help these Tech SMEs to rapidly scale by providing expertise that will enable them to overcome technical challenges, and raise further private investment. CASTS will enable London to create and nurture 600 potential world-beating tech companies that collectively will raise over £30m in private investment and create over 450 new high value jobs.

Capital Enterprise is looking to procure a support programme for DLT Start ups

CE is looking for a hackathon that supports DLT companies.

Capital Enterprise are seeking a quote for a programme that:

  • Fosters the connection of the DLT ecosystem to strengthen the support for this vertical.
  • Provide technical support to build commercially viable technology with a defined use case.
  • Creates and develops the commercial application of DLT
  • Strengthen teams to build on the prototypes developed

2) The programme can be of varied length budget dependant

3) The winner will need to source the new Tech SMEs

4) The winner will need to source own experts and mentors

5) Be able to provide intensive training.

6) Outcomes we are looking for;

Support at least 6-10 companies

Please include answers if possible to the following questions as a part of your application:

  • At least one case study
  • Outline of the mentor and coach led programmes including information on the skills and expertise of the mentors and coaches
  • Any other info demonstrating the ability to deliver value to SMEs

Along with a quote emailed to the CASTS Project lead Carly McNally at 25th  Jan 2019