Published 11/06/2018
Capital Enterprise is looking for an organisation to deliver a Leadership workshop for scaling companies for our CASTS programme.
With the high time demand of startups time we expect a split day course lasting 12 hours minimum.
Some of the subject areas we have identified are;
  1. Managing high performing teams. As startups scale the highly skilled team needs to maintain their level and as the team grows how to keep that culture.
  2. Managing Under Performers. This is a difficult bridge to cross when close nit teams identify an under performer which could really affect the team. its imperative for the success of the team how this is dealt with.
  3. Review of learnings, how the attendees have faired when implementing their learnings from the first two sessions. This is important to show that they can use what they have learned to help them grow and become a successful company.
We are looking to support 10-14 companies on the programme and expect assistance keeping track of investment raised and jobs created due to the support that has been given from this workshop and the wider CASTS activity.
Based on the above please send a quote and more information on the programme you would deliver to
Applications close 22nd June