Keystone Law and the British Library hosted an Innovation and Investment Conference on Tuesday that proved thoroughly informative. A collection of speakers focussed mainly around the problematic notion of intellectual property and how to attract angle and venture capital investment.

The speakers included Julie Meyer (Ariadne Capital), Jim Shaik (inventor of the Youmi self warming baby bottle), Mike Addison (Open Innovation Director, Proctor and Gamble) and Robert Pocknell, an Intellectual Property lawyer with Keystone Law.

While mainly focussed on IP, the day also looked in detail at how entrepreneurs can engage with large corporates and how that is changing the way they do business. The day was broken up by a delicious lunch in which the opportunity to network was seized by many, and numerous useful links were made. More than one person said that they were making changes to their own business plan following wisdom they had taken from the various presentations and from valuable conversations with others in attendance.

The organisers have promised to make the slides and audio available to all next week. To request your copy simply email