Company: Fuzed Innovations
Role: Back End Developer and Web Developer


FUZED create an automated platform to connect businesses providing and consuming location-oriented-information.

Their API based technology (i.e. FUZED Location Intelligence):

+ Covers 3 key types of location data (Details, Actions, and Transit) from more than 20 providers, such as Yelp,, Ticketmaster, Uber, Google Maps and more

+ Offers a single integration for tens of providers so that businesses don’t have to spend time and resources on changing or adding data providers anymore.

+ Provides hyper-relevant products based on locations (e.g. a link to a hotel, an OpenTable link to a restaurant). This allows our clients to extend their customer’s journeys and earn affiliate revenue when users purchase relevant products through FUZED.


Vacancies available:


Back-End Developer:

We are looking for a Back-End Developer responsible for working with our team on the server side of the FUZED API.

Our backend uses many modern technologies including Swift on Linux, CI/CD, microservice architecture and NoSQL databases. It is preferable that you have an understanding of the Swift language (either on iOS/Mac or Linux) and that you are experienced using git or similar source control.


Web Developer:

We are looking for a web developer who will be working on our client side and internal dashboards.

You will be involved in both UI and structural development of the dashboards as well as communicating with JSON based REST APIs. A strong understanding of JS and HTML will be beneficial.


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to