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How do KEEPs work?


In such a fast paced innovative space, finding experts specialising in AI and Machine Learning to work for your company is difficult. As part of our KEEP programme we are dedicated to finding you the perfect Post MSc/PhD candidate, helping you to focus their research, and also part fund their salary, giving you the opportunity to pay them a competitive rate.


What does your company get as part of the KEEP programme?


As part of the programme you will be able to:

  • Employ a post MSc/PhD KEEP with AI expertise to work for your company
  • Get help in sourcing your perfect candidate
  • Have your KEEPs salary part-funded by CAP-AI on a 6-24 months project basis (salary cost will determine project duration)
  • Have expert advice on scoping your KEEPs job description and the research they will be focusing on during their employment
  • Be supported with expertise and mentoring throughout the KEEP programme


KEEP programme process for SMEs?


1. Apply for a CAP-AI KEEP below

Check your eligibility and submit your application below.

2. Scope your project

If you’re successful, we will invite you to attend a project scoping workshop with our in house expertise. Once you’ve scoped your project you will be ready to find your KEEP candidate.

3. Find your candidate

We will post your project on our website and watch the applications roll in. Once applications are closed you will attend a matching day, meet with all of your potential candidates and find the right KEEP for your company.

4. Complete your project

Once in post CAP-AI will provide ongoing support and advice to both you and your KEEP to see your project through to completion.

**Applications for our current cohort are now closed. If you would like to be considered for the summer 2018 cohort, please submit your application as usual.

*Our KEEP programme is in high demand and therefore we cannot guarantee your application will be successful, however please do take a look at our other opportunities.  

Research Collaborations

We are working with some of the UK’s top universities and research institutions to provide you with expertise to perform long term (3+ months) R&D projects, at no physical cost to your SME. R&D projects are tailored to your company and focused on improving your businesses AI capabilities, so that you can move your company forward.

Innovation Internships

Our Innovation Interns are looking for summer placements in London’s best AI SMEs. They are looking for projects they can really sink their teeth into; enabling them to share their knowledge, collaborate and tackle some really interesting AI related R&D.

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