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Role: Data Science Engineer (Python)
Reference: KEEP06
This role is part-funded by the ERDF


AI Powered Financial Data Extraction for the Bond Market

We use machine learning and computer vision to read financial documents. We’re VC backed and have been accepted into Google’s first ever Machine Learning and AI residency programme. That means we have access to great mentorship and support from world leaders in this field.

We were also recently featured by AWS Startups on their tour of London’s newest companies.

We are looking for a data scientist in the NLP field to help build a state of the art tool using Machine Learning to understand and explain financial securities legal documentation. We have a solid computer vision processing pipeline in place, which already extracts data with high accuracy, speed and produces very clean outputs to further work with. We are now adding the contextual meaning from this data using NLP techniques, to better quantify, understand, and reduce financial risks in debt capital markets activities and for our users

General Responsibilities

  • Every member of the technology team works with these responsibilities in mind
  • Code Quality: Through writing testable, maintainable code, and by engaging in code review for your own work and for reviewing others
  • Deployment, Operations and Support: Everyone does customer support. On the development side we ensure the code we write is simple to deploy, monitor and manage
  • Security: Writing secure code by following well-worn best practices and design patterns. Applying the principles of least trust, least privilege and elevated authentication for elevated access. Taking time to specifically focus on security in code reviews

Role Specific Responsibilities

  • Building prototypes to rigorously and scientifically test new hypothesis, benchmark current levels of predictions and design new data models
  • Develop and engineer primarily on services related to data (ingestion and creation) and data analytics for the models you’ll be producing
  • Continually improve on the 9fin codebase taking the chance to automate, refactor and document when you can. In the case of scientific work, document steps taken to reproduce work.


  • Know how to effectively think and reason about your software, algorithms used and performance at a high level
  • Be able to think about how data will pass through your code from persistent storage to API endpoint
  • Have previous experience or are interested in learning about capital markets technology and the fixed income industry
  • Have production-level (i.e. deployed and used) experience with Python
  • Familiar with RDBMS and how to write SQL statements for retrieving data
  • Experience with linux systems
  • Be able to collaborate with product and other engineers
  • Strong written and verbal communication
  • A simple take home technical task is part of the hiring process for this position to assess Python ability

How to apply:
Send your CV and covering letter to with the reference “KEEP06” in the subject line
Issue date: Thursday 22nd March 2018
Closing date: Friday 15th June 2018

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