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Company: Reinfer
Role: Machine Learning Engineer
Reference: KEEP10
This role is part-funded by the ERDF


Reinfer makes human conversations understandable at scale and actionable to machines. It makes it easy for users to create, manage and deploy state of the art machine learning algorithms against high volume streams of conversational data. The product is a B2B SaaS machine learning and analytics platform controlled and monitored via a web UI. The company currently has top ML influencers and professors on board along side a team with backgrounds in Finance and ex-Google employees.

Reinfer’s customers tend to be large companies (existing projects with banks and insurance companies). Largest operational expense in banks, insurance companies is email exchanges and conversations. For banks to undergo digital transformation, the process of automation is a large and complex task.

Reinfer use NLP to carry out structured data extraction from communications data i.e. emails, chats etc. Reinfers NLP technology extracts relevant actions from communications and converts this into structured data which is actionable to downstream software systems.

The role of the candidate will be to use cutting edge NLP / ML techniques to extend the platforms existing capability alongside a multi-discplinary team of researchers, data scientists and developers.

Basic Qualifications

  • MSc / PhD in computer science (or in a highly related area)
  • Solid background in algorithms, data structures, and object-oriented programming
  • Good understanding of machine learning fundamentals and deep learning
  • Implementation experience in machine learning algorithms and applications
  • Strong programming skills in at least one object oriented programming language (Java, Scala, C++, Python, etc.)
  • Fluency with at least one of the modern distributed ML frameworks such as TensorFlow, Scikit, Keras, Theano, NLTK
  • Eager to learn new algorithms, new application areas and new tools.
  • Excellent communication skills

Preferred Qualifications

  • Knowledge of or experience in building production quality and large scale deployment of applications related to natural language processing and machine learning.
  • Familiarity with Google Cloud technology stack

How to apply: Send your CV and covering letter to with the reference “KEEP10” in the subject line
Issue date: Thursday 22nd March 2018
Closing date: Friday 15th June 2018


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