Company: Kipwise
Role: Engineering internship


Kipwise is looking for an engineering summer intern to help us improve the product and make team knowledge management more efficient for teams to grow faster.
Kipwise is a team with two engineering founders together with a business founder that “Move Fast” is in our blood. Our team has international experience working with companies from Asia, Europe and the Americas.
Our tech stack:
  • NodeJS, ReactJS
  • Python
  • MongoDB
  • AWS (Lambda, SNS, SQS, EC2, RDS)
What you’ll learn:
  • DevOps process on AWS
  • Frontend development (NodeJS, ReactJS)
  • Backend development (Python)
  • Best practices to increase engineering productivity
  • How to build a Slackbot
Where you’ll be working at:


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to