Role: Marketing, Comms and Network Executive

Capital Enterprise is a not-for-profit membership organisation for those who nurture, advise, mentor, accommodate and invest in entrepreneurs in London.  It has a twin mission.

A: To support the growth and success of the London start-up ecosystem

B: To support and enable the members of Capital Enterprise to play an active and significant contribution to making London a growing and successful start-up ecosystem.

We have decided to appoint a member of staff to support our membership work and general office management.

Job Description: What does the job involve?

This is an exciting and varied role in which you will work across all aspects of Capital Enterprise and its project to develop and execute marketing campaigns.  You will act as the first point of contact for our network and support the growth of our membership.  You will help create an environment that supports the overall mission of the organisation and to help drive delivery of projects and good governance. In return you will work in a dynamic and pioneering environment, and consolidate your own skills, networks and knowledge. This includes building your knowledge and networks within, and gaining insight of, London’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

We are looking for a flexible individual whose main duties will include:

Marketing and Comms

  1. To develop and execute marketing campaigns across digital, social, print and email for Capital Enterprise and its projects
  2. Play a key role in enhancing Capital Enterprise’s reputation and vision within the London start-up ecosystem
  3. To work with the Capital Enterprise management team to develop marketing strategies for Capital Enterprise and its projects
  4. Act as a link between the Capital Enterprise team, partners, members and the wider ecosystem to achieve our marketing objectives
  5. To write and promote case studies on behalf of our supported start-up

Network Coordination

  1. Supporting the CEO, Chair and Projects and Partnerships Consultant to maintain and improve upon the good working relationships between Capital Enterprise and all of its members
  2. Supporting the organisation to maintain and grow its membership, by providing good customer service e.g. prompt responses to queries and good record keeping
  3. Setting up, introducing and maintaining a contacts / member management system which links to eventbrite and mailchimp and other add-ons as required by the Capital Enterprise Team
  4. Setting up, introducing and maintaining a shared filing system to be used by all Team members for all key documents (e.g. Dropbox or Google Docs); Providing support to team members in learning and using the systems
  5. Issuing membership invoices and tracking payment of fees on this management system to ensure that at any point in time the organisation has accurate data on membership numbers and income. Producing monthly reports on membership and income.
  6. Enhancing and then updating the website on at least a monthly basis to include as a minimum:
  • link to member newsletter
  • link to Capital Enterprise twitter feed(s)
  • up to date information on (paying) members
  • up to date information on collaborative projects – current and future
  • up to date information on key contacts at Capital Enterprise
  • management of emails coming to

Person specification – What sort of person do we want?

We would like to find someone who has some or all of the following skills, attributes and experience:

  • Good ICT skills, preferably experience of using CRM, wordpress, mailchimp etc.
  • Strong organisational capabilities, with the ability to establish systems and manage information
  • Impeccable attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, with an ability to establish and build working relationships with a range of individuals from different backgrounds and organisations
  • Experience in customer service roles
  • A team player with the ability to develop and maintain effective working relationship with a wide range of stakeholders and partners
  • Ability to work to tight deadlines
  • Flexibility – we are a small organisation and operate as a team. While the role and key responsibilities are described above, new areas of work may emerge
  • Willingness to act as a face of the organisation with both individual members and external stakeholders
  • Ability to effectively communicate and articulate, both verbally and in writing, in English
  • Ability to excel in a modern, fast-paced and informal organisational setting
  • Knowledge of the London start-up ecosystem
  • Previous Marketing experience


£28,000 – £32,000

Salary will be paid in monthly instalments


Appointments are subject to receipt of satisfactory references and a probationary period of 9 months.

Hours of Work

Full time hours average 40 hours per week


Annual leave is 20 working days for a full time member of staff in addition to Bank Holidays per year

How to Apply 

To apply please send a cover letter and CV to by the 26th May 2017