Company: MeVitae
Role: Algorithm Developer


The University of Adelaide discovered that our brain size has increased about 350% over human evolution, and blood flow to the brain increased an 600%. However, our brains have limitations that restrict our cognitive ability – the speed our brain processes information is not fast enough, unconscious biases and limited memory.

MeVitae is on a mission to enhancing human intelligence by compensating on our brain’s limitations.  The first application of the technology is focusing on leveraging data-driven cognitive solutions to solve the world’s biggest employment challenges, from increasing workplace diversity to global mobility.

Founded by two award-winning Oxonians, Riham Satti (Neuroscientist and TEDx Speaker) and Vivek Doraiswamy (Computer Scientist). The board includes co-founder of Shazam, Microsoft Director and more. In addition to this, MeVitae is supported by the likes of the European Space Agency, Innovate UK and more.


Role available:

Algorithm Developer


  • C# and/or .Net coding, testing, deployment of proprietary web applications
  • Identify and understand data sources within the MeVitae business, including structured, unstructured and Big Data
  • Design and test algorithms that automate the hiring process
  • Guide stakeholders across the group to implement new algorithms and methods based on your work by presenting findings in a clear and confident manner
  • Write clean code for use by engineers and other analysts in the organisation.
  • Recommend and use a variety of tools to deliver analytics based on the data

Skillset required to complete research (required):

  • Interest or experience in machine learning and data mining techniques in one or more areas of statistical modelling methods, time series, text mining, optimisation, information retrieval
  • Software development skills in one or more high level languages C#/C/C++/Java or Python/Perl/Shell and R
  • Some SQL database experience
  • Understanding and experience in leveraging big data for forecasting analytics
  • Advanced conceptual, analytical, and problem-solving abilities


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to