Company: myrecovery
Role: Data Science Intern


myrecovery is a digital platform for orthopaedic surgical recovery, founded by two UK surgeons, and backed by substantial venture capital. Patients get a mobile app that delivers them timed content specific to their hospital, surgeon and procedure. The app gathers clinical data (including surveys, exercise routine performance, device activity data) and our backend applies data science to deliver clinical insights to care teams.

Orthopaedics and MSK disease is all about movement – gait analysis is the gold standard for quantifying disease progression and outcomes following surgery. Yet, it is rarely performed outside specialised settings such as clinical research and sports medicine as it requires prohibitively expensive equipment.

myrecovery is pioneering the ability to deliver AI-driven movement (gait) analysis of patients undergoing orthopaedic treatment, using consumer hardware. We call this ‘mobile deep MSK analysis’. We allow video of the patient walking, captured with any handheld smartphone, to be processed using state of the art machine learning algorithms to produce an accurate 2D or 3D animated skeleton. The motion of this skeleton can then be analysed for key indicators (range of motion, symmetry, etc.) and results, which are released immediately to the patient and/or clinical team.

Currently in the UK, 5% of knee replacement patients return to surgery because their range of motion has not progressed appropriately. By democratising MSK motion analysis, this technology could measure, track and intervene, potentially avoiding costly readmissions.


We have a Data Science / Computer Vision PhD leading on this project, and are looking for a Data Science Intern to work alongside them and the wider Data team from summer 2018.


The Data Scientist will have the following responsibilities:

● Helping to train a neural network to determine joint positions from video frames
● Assisting the programmatic creation of training/validation data sets at scale
● Assisting with the clinical validation of results, working with partner gait labs in the UK
The following skills/experience are required:
● Confident using Python, ideally for data science (numpy, scipy, pandas, etc)
● Awareness of ML methods, including fundamentals of neural networks
The following skills/experience are desirable:
● Awareness of computer vision techniques
● Experience working within multidisciplinary software engineering teams, using
collaborative tools such as git


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to