When Medwise Met Oslr

When Medwise Met Oslr

Any doctor will tell you that the best way to train new medics is when  delivering care face-to-face with patients. However, with an ageing population and ever-busier hospitals, clinics, and GP surgeries, it’s a growing challenge to find time for on the job training....

Voyage to the Unicorn Kingdom

Voyage to the Unicorn Kingdom

A flurry of headlines erupted after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a new Unicorn Kingdom initiative to create more billion-dollar startups in the UK. Some people didn’t like the name; others questioned the decision, announced in the Autumn Budget, to slash...

Meet the Founders: Arta Selmani, Mimicrete

Meet the Founders: Arta Selmani, Mimicrete

Arta Selmani (above right, pictured with her co-founder Dr Livia Ribeiro de Souza) is a two-time founder and the CEO of Mimicrete, a deep tech startup working to create self-healing concrete systems. We chatted at Mimicrete’s base in Cambridge. Capital Enterprise: How...

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