Capital Enterprise has decided to commit £50,000 towards a Black led organisation or group to establish and run a professional business angel syndicate dedicated to investing in the Black founders of UK registered tech startups. We believe there is strong evidence that Black founders of tech startups in the UK (specifically at the pre-seed and seed investment stage) are significantly under-invested and we are providing this funding as a small step to address this situation.   

This funding from Capital Enterprise is not to be used to invest directly in the qualifying startups but to be used towards the operational costs (salaries, legals, marketing and associated sundries) required to set up and run a high quality angel syndicate. We would like to award the funding so that the Angel Syndicate is able to launch in the Autumn of 2020 and for our sponsorship grant to enable the Angel Syndicate to operate for at least 12 months. To this end we are inviting Black led organisations or syndicates of investors to send in a short 2-3 page proposal and an itemized 12 month budget that will provide information on the following:

  • Credentials of the Angel Syndicate Managers – CV’s or Linkedin profiles plus additional information highlighting the past tech startup and/or investment experience. 
  • Present status of the Angel Syndicate – including if any business angels are presently enrolled or history of previous activity. 
  • Investment Thesis of the Angel Syndicate– including the stage and type of startups that will be targeted
  • Basic detail on the plans to recruit Business Angel’s ( especially lead angels) and the proposed size of the angel syndicate at the end of the 12 month period.
  • Basic details on the plan to source, prepare and select “investable” Black led tech startups to present to the syndicates business angels. 
  • The number, size and value of investment deals the Angel Syndicate plans to achieve over a 12 month period. 
  • Basic operational details of the Angel Syndicate including whether the syndicate plans to use offline events and online platform technologies to manage the investment processes. 
  • Business Model of the Angel Syndicate– ideally we would like to see that after 12 months the angel syndicate will be in position to be self financing. 
  • Highlighted synergies and partnerships with Capital Enterprise, One Tech or any other relevant group or activity to enable and encourage investment in Black founders of tech startups. 
  • Any requests for support and help from Capital Enterprise.
  • Summary of why the applicant is the best team to start and run an impactful angel syndicate focused on investing in black founders of tech startups.  

In return for awarding the funding, Capital Enterprise would like to be recognised in the branding and associated materials as the sponsor of the Angel Syndicate. We would welcome other organisations to step forward to provide financial support as co-sponsors of the Angel Syndicate and we would more welcome any investor willing to co-invest in the portfolio startups of the chosen Angel Syndicate. 


The closing date for the submission of the proposal is 6th July. Please send it to





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