In response to the gaps identified in business support provision – and the multitude of macro-level challenges we are faced with in these turbulent economic and political times – In 2020, Capital Enterprise plans to focus on:

  1.       Diversifying our revenue streams to replace EU funding

We will be doing our best to manage the transition from programmes which are currently part-financed by the EU (mainly European Regional Development Fund) to other funding streams, including exploring any replacement funds available through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and the private sector. Immediate opportunities include expanding IDEALondon and spinning out the P4 Precision Medicine Programme and the Machine Learning Academy from CAP-AI.

  1.       Expanding the reach and scope of OneTech

We aim to address the diversity and inclusion inequities of the London Tech startup ecosystem. We are hopeful of securing more public and private funding for OneTech in 2020 and we’ll be setting up an advisory board and appointing a director to lead on all our inclusiveness and diversity initiatives soon. 

  1.       Advocating for the importance of London’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

We plan to step up our work to convince private and public bodies that it pays to invest in London’s ambitious and able startups and for them to join us and our membership on developing and funding activities that address the challenges London’s entrepreneurs face whether that be accessing high-quality business advice and deep tech support, securing affordable premises, recruiting talent or obtaining existing and new forms of risk and growth capital.

  1.       Delivering a pilot workspace accreditation scheme 

We will be working with 8 London local authorities and the GLA to develop and pilot a scheme which recognises open workspaces which offer local community impact. Criteria are likely to include the provision of affordable space and strong business support/startup offer for members and tenants; engagement with the local community; responsible business practices and a contribution to local prosperity e.g. through a local supply chain or recruitment. The long-term goal is to ensure that every entrepreneur and startup in London can access space at a price and in a location that suits them. 

By Alison Partridge, Head of Strategy, Capital Enterprise