The next Mayor of London’s TechInvest event, taking place 18th February, will celebrate 10 of London’s most innovative Creative Technology pioneers. TechInvest seeks to find innovators that are at the forefront of fusing technology with creativity to transform how we live, work, play and interact with the world around us. From immersive and interactive technologies, to gaming, digital media, design and streaming platforms – we are looking to identify London-based start-ups and scaleups from across the creative industries sector who are blending their creative vision with technological innovation. 

Almost 1 in 8 UK businesses are creative businesses, with scope for so many to continue to grow over the coming year. There is huge creativity in the UK, with entrepreneurs finding ingenious ways to channel their ideas through technology. A host of exceptional products and services will be presented at this next TechInvest event.

If you are developing a ground-breaking solution to improve the way content is developed, consumed and distributed, or accelerating the way products are designed, built and sold, we want to hear from you! Apply to take part if you’re an innovative Creative Tech founder and can provide evidence that you are:

  • Currently raising investment in the range of £250k-£3m
  • Developing a product that is meeting a clear market need and has the potential to scale
  • Have created a product or service that is driving the industry forward and has the potential to create impressive market
  • Based in London or have a strong connection to London

Find out more about the event here.


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