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In response to “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area” for national construction, promotion and deepen on leading science and technology enterprises and technical innovation projects of the exchanges and cooperation, and to conduct domestic and international excellent projects to settle in Dongguan, Dongguan Business Incubation Association holds this the “Seed Project Competition”, and has invited domestic and foreign angel investment institutions to jointly create professional angel investment events.

The Seed Project Competition aims to attract high-level personnel, to further integrate angel investment industry resources and to help innovative projects connect with angel investors and entrepreneurs. Through this competition, we hope to promote high-quality projects to settle in Dongguan for mutual benefits.

This competition is open to all innovation and entrepreneurship projects around the world. Outstanding projects can obtain investment directly. The amount of investment reaches more than GBP 3,000,000 in total, and participating projects can obtain mentoring opportunities from senior entrepreneurs or senior investors.
Additionally, this competition is linked with Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, which provides further guidance, facilitation to the start-up projects and is going to help them to obtain potential governmental capital and private capital. Internationally investment institutions such as Startup Funding Club (SFC, UK), TSVC (USA) also join the event to provide guidance and various international resources and funds.

Applications & Requirements

Participants (projects and teams) should meet the following requirements:

1) All participating projects should within the seven main industries are: Information Technology, Smart Manufacturing, Life Science and Technology, New Materials, New Energy, Artificial Intelligence, Space Technology and etc.

2)  Preparing a business plan, including product introduction, business model, technical characteristics, team composition, financial plan, third-party test report, market orders, intellectual property, etc.);

3)  The team consists of at least three members; Team membership information and resumes of each member are required;

4)  Entry statement: application agreement, privacy agreement, copyright notice, etc.;

5)  No more than two rounds of venture or angel investment have been obtained;

6)  Participating teams or individuals have no criminal records.

  •  In case of any changes in application information during the competition, participants shall make a written request to the Organizing Committee.
  • Any participant who quits during the competition will be deemed to give up all rights and interests of the competition.




The procedures of the season are: Semi-Finals, Finals, Start-up project training, and Review. High-quality projects nominated by SFC will enter the Semi-Finals directly.

Semi-Finals (December 2, 2019 – December 6, 2019)
Projects that pass the Preliminary Competition are going to compete by video roadshow. The experts and investors will select investable projects to enter the Finals. The total number of the Semi-Finals teams advanced to the Finals will be dependent on the merits of the entrants and the competition situation of the Finals.

The finalists will be announced on December 6.

Finals (December 13, 2019)

In the Finals, the participating projects will perform a live presentation or video roadshow, followed by a Q&A section. Reviewers from both professional and public backgrounds will evaluate the participants/projects.
The angel investment committee shall organize investors and reviewers to vote for investment that the participating project can obtain, i.e. each vote worth GBP 10,000. The top three winners will be judged base on the number of investments they received.

Start-up projects training (January 2020 – March 2020)

Senior entrepreneurs or senior investors will guide successful finalist projects for three months. Besides, an eight-entrepreneurship skill course will be provided by top investors and entrepreneurs.
Notes: This training program is mainly for Chinese projects; overseas projects can choose whether to participate or not.

Review (April 2020)

At this stage, the event organizer is going to summarize and present the participating projects to more angel investors, to help them gain further financing. There will be three awards: the best investor, the best start-up company, and the fastest-growing company.
* The specific time will be adjusted according to the event conditions.

The finals have been delayed until February (TBC). The next semi-finals will be arranged in early January 2020. 
If your startup meets the requirements then send your application to

Awards and Supporting

Competition Investment Fund: The total investment fund is over GBP 3,000,000. The final investment for each project is determined by the number of votes from reviewers in the Finals.

  •  Each finalist team can get a minimum investment of GBP 50,000.
  • The investment fund received will be paid in cash by corresponding investment institutions.

Notes: The obtainment of investment fund from this competition is independent of whether the outstanding projects are settling down in Dongguan or not.

Incubation and Training: Senior entrepreneurs or senior investors will guide successful finalist enterprises. Also, the projects entering the Finals which choose to settle down in Dongguan will have priority to settle in the creative and industrial parks as well as incubators.

  • Teams that decide to settles down in Dongguan, will have the chance to obtain a rent-free allowance for their land-use requirements, up to 12 months.

Organizer: Linrun Intelligent Valley

Co-organizer & UK Exclusive Partner: Startup Funding Club
Directing Unit: Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau
Cooperative Institutions & Media Support: Dongguan Business Incubation Association; Dongguan Robotic Industries Association; Dongguan Songshan Lake Fund Town; Dongguan Changping Maker Group; Pengpai News; Southern Daily; Dongguan TV Station; Dongguan Daily




After the successful application, you will be contacted by staff to provide all the necessary documents. If there is any change in the above competition rules, participants will be promptly notified. For more details, please see a staff notification letter.
The Organizing Committee of Linrun Intelligent Valley reserves the copyright and the final interpretation rights of the Competition Manual.

The Organizing Committee Address: Startup Funding Club, 1-6 Speedy Place, Cromer Street, London WC1H 8BU