London Growth Hub, in partnership with Business University are delivering:

‘Business Adaptation and Crisis Navigation: What can SMEs learn from Shared Workspace and Coworking spaces when entering the ‘New Normal’?

In light of the COVID-19 crisis, many shared workspaces and coworking spaces were forced to shut down, with some moving online, and have since begun to rethink their entire business strategies as the return to the ‘new normal’ is fast approaching – issues ranging from: 

  • Handling future rent negotiation with landlords
  • Navigating talks with Local Authorities
  • Handling existing and future clients and membership fees
  • Hosting events safely and effectively
  • Digitising/ moving online
  • Innovating new ways of working

This webinar will provide an opportunity for SMEs to receive unique insight from Shared Workspaces and Coworking spaces tackling these issues, as London’s businesses adapt safely and effectively to enter the new normal. 

Receive guidance and expertise from key stakeholders, including: 

  • Greater London Authority on efforts made by the Mayor’s office in helping SMEs and workspaces navigate this process. 
  • Gerald Eve on rent negotiations, support with Local Authorities as well as insight from supporting their clients reopen offices
  • WeCoffee on adapting your space and moving online
  • As well as an opportunity to network  


This workshops will be facilitated by London Business Partnership 

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