The Do-Gooders interviewed twelve female leaders, all members of their community of ethical businesses and running environmental and/or social impact businesses, to hear about their own experiences around gender inequality at work.

The campaign was inspired by the 50 years anniversary of the Equal Pay Act last May 2020, contrasting the latest median gender pay gap figure of 13.1%, which points to ongoing gender inequality at work, specially for mothers, minorities and older women.

This year, 12th of November becomes the last day the average British woman is paid for her work for the rest of the year. “With equal pay day approaching we wanted to hear from female sustainability leaders, who are doing things right for people and the planet, about their experience on gender equality, and how that has shaped their organisation” said Nohelia Rambal, who founded The Do-Gooders in 2019.

As a directory of sustainable brands helping consumers easily find ethical alternatives to everything, The Do-Gooders offers brands an opportunity to get found and seen by new audiences and get their voices heard. “This campaign has the aim to amplify the voices of female leaders in the sustainability industry, who are paving the way towards better business practices and elevating female role models for future generations”, she added.

Among the female leaders interviewed is Natalie Campbell, CEO of environment-first drinks business, Belu; who highly believes in the power of talking about money. “Stop thinking about time and start thinking about the value you’re bringing to a business – that is the salary you should have,”

Genia Mineeva, founder of BEEN London, a purses, laptop cases and handbags brand using repurposed materials, shares her experience of trying to raise funds for her start-up with traditional investors; “I felt that I wasn’t in the strongest position,”  “Maybe I felt like that because I was 39, product-based and female,” So she ended up crowdfunding and meeting her goal in a single day, and building a profitable business within a year.

Each woman offers an individual and relatable account of their experience and their opinion about what can be done better. This is our collective witness statement for what the British government can do to guide businesses and what businesses can do to support women further.

About The Do-Gooders

The Do-Gooders is a directory of sustainable brands that helps everyday consumers  easily find ethical alternatives to products, services and things to do; while supporting hundreds of purpose driven businesses in the process.

Unlike other platforms, we don’t prioritise search results based on the brand’s marketing budget size. Instead, we curate our content based on purpose and empower fair trade, carbon-neutral, ethically sourced, plastic-free, and social impact brands.

With over six hundred ethical brands listed under categories including fashion, food and drink, energy, beauty, banking, and many others; we make it easy for people to use their purchasing power for good.


About the Founder, Nohelia Rambal

Nohelia is a BAME female social entrepreneur and marketing consultant for impact organisations. She holds a Masters in International Business and Marketing and recently got a certification in Sustainable Business Strategy from Harvard Business School. Her previous corporate roles include leading positions at brands such as Expedia Inc., Kaplan International, PhotoBox Ltd., and MercadoLibre (LATAM).  


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