John Spindler is the CEO of Capital Enterprise. John has had over 15 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and business advisor/consultant and as well as being responsible for the day to day management of Capital Enterprise is also a general partner at AI Seed, an early stage fund that invests in highly talented AI first companies.

Don’t raise if you don’t have to

Dr Chibeza Agley, Founder of Obrizum points out that his company survived for several months on revenue alone before seeking a Seed round. It was the realisation that revenue alone would not meet the company’s growth ambitions that sparked an interest in raising. And Obrizum was all the better for it – with reliable proof from existing metrics of the company’s profitability, it was easier at seed to convince investors they were worthwhile. Only 2-3% of small businesses ever seek external equity investment at all, and equally, very few businesses that achieve an IPO have done so; most tech businesses in the UK are service or project based businesses, and therefore not VC backable – but these are certainly still legitimate business models.

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