Exploring resilience strategies of entrepreneurs and business owners after the coronavirus outbreak. 


Entrepreneurs and small businesses play a critical role in the society and economy, but the sector is significantly threatened by the Coronavirus outbreak and the ensuing closure, travel quarantine, social distancing requirements and wider economic impact. 

This research project aims to understand how entrepreneurs and business owners are coping with the re-opening of business – both professionally and personally. The main objective is to learn how entrepreneurs and business owners develop strategies and draw on support mechanisms to cope and adjust to the new way of doing business. 

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you can participate in one or all of the following three stages:

STEP 1: A survey open to all entrepreneurs and business owners who have been affected by Coronavirus and the lockdown

STEP 2: Three-month diary study, documenting your continuous learning journey

STEP 3: Follow up survey in winter 2020 


In return, you will receive: 

A general report highlighting the results and major practical implications of the study

A personalised report showing your coping strategies in comparison to other entrepreneurs/business owners

An invitation to participate in a workshop, aimed at developing a toolkit of support to assist entrepreneurs/business owners through future crisis 

Participate in the first part of the study now by clicking here or contacting the research team.


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