£50,000 prize fund. £100,000 worth of business support. 5 winners.
DBACE is seeking 18 to 30-year-old creative entrepreneurs who are driven by a mission to build and sustain social value through their enterprise.
All business stages are eligible. Creative industries specific.
Submissions deadline: Mar 31, 2020.

Application tips & resources can be found via dbace.org and information sessions will be held across the UK.

Running for 26 years, Deutsche Bank has partnered with MeWe360 since 2019 to deliver the Deutsche Bank Awards for Creative Entrepreneurs.
Changemakers, are you in?


Webinar dates:
Mar 2 at 7pm: http://bit.ly/36qXGIP
Mar 14 at 10am: http://bit.ly/2RDGNql
UK-wide Meet & Greets:
Manchester: Feb 19 http://bit.ly/2P7Abia
London: Mar 10 http://bit.ly/2E3xJ67