Company: Nom Nom
Role: Engineering Intern



NomNom is a B2B Saas application that helps customer-obsessed professionals learn from their customers faster. We aggregate customer feedback from different sources, making it easy to search, analyze and share it across the business.

Our team is small and distributed, and our culture is driven by talented individuals who love perfecting their craft. We like scrappy hustlers who are excited about solving hard problems with practical solutions.
About you

We’re looking for an engineering intern to join our team and help us deliver real-world projects.

What you will be working on, will be used by our customers, you will have the opportunity to impact users from day one. Your work will be reviewed by a team of engineers and you’ll be part of that team. You’ll use standard tools like Docker, git, GitHub, CircleCI and Trello. We’re a fully distributed team – that means there’s no centralized office, we only communicate using tools like Slack,, Trello and Google Docs.


What we’re looking for:

Knowledge of version control, especially Git
Familiarity with dynamic/interpreted languages such as Javascript or Python and their toolchains (you don’t have to be an expert)
Interest in functional programming: majority of our codebase is written in Clojure, a modern LISP dialect running on Java Virtual Machine


What we offer:

Real life experience: We can guarantee that what you’re going to be working on will be used by our customers
Chance to work in a fully distributed team of senior engineers.
A fast-paced environment that will expose you not only to great engineering projects but also to all parts of the business.


How to apply:

Please email your CV and cover letter to Sofia Quintero of NomNom, at