Company: Perspectively AI
Role: Natural Language Processing


We are a backed venture wanting to build an R&D function to look into the verification of online news content.

We are looking for natural language processing engineers, or machine learning research scientists to start an R&D function to build machine learning capabilities to detect disinformation, quality, and other socio-political metrics.
This is an opportunity to be part of a founding team.

If you are passionate about the news, content verification and/or politics and machine learning and want to take the opportunity to be part of a founding team please get in touch!


What you’ll be doing

Working in closely in a team to put together a set of metrics to build a detection and scoring system

Implementing and developing of machine learning tools to detect various socio-political indicators for news, political bias, quality, and other malevolent content online

Thinking through ways to construct, and collate training data to train the scoring detection algorithms. As well as the construction of these data sets

Combine crowd sourced data with AI approaches

To innovate new ways of classifying, detecting and measuring toxic content, abuse, low quality content on the web, such as: extremist, politically biased, hate-inducing content using primarily text based algorithms

Building models to extract and model relations, entities and topics

You will be given the opportunity to run experiments, test hypotheses and build prototypes

A great opportunity to get technical advice from top scientific and political advisors from top UK and US universities. Especially important if you’re looking to do a phd in this


Who we’re looking for


Required skills and experience:

You have an NLP or computational linguistics research background in a PhD/masters/industrial research lab

Experience with Python and major NLP/Machine Learning Libraries like Spacy, CoreNLP, Tensorflow, PyTorch, etc

Experience with machine learning techniques – supervised, unsupervised and online/active learning

Experience across a wide variety of deep learning techniques

You are passionate, hungry, keen to learn about applications in this space, and want to be the best you can

A clear and competent communicator of complex concepts

An ability to frame, and work through problems, test hypotheses and run experiments

Take an innovative approach to problem solving. Are able to come up with research ideas and implementations creatively and quickly


Desired skills and experience:

Knowledge of flask

Ideally published or partaken in one of the following journals: NIPS, ACL, EMNLP, SocialNLP, NACL

Experience in deep learning, online learning, information retrieval and extraction, data mining, discourse parsing, annotation pipelines, active learning, semantic parsing, textual entailment, question answering, argument mining, discourse parsing, opinion mining, polarity mining, knowledge base completion, ontology extraction, political bias, misinformation, disinformation research


How to apply:

Please send your CV to Alex at Perspectively AI, via this email address: