CAP-AI is London’s first A.I. enabling programme focused on stimulating growth in London’s A.I. cluster.

The CAP-AI Mission

Part-funded by the ERDF, our mission is to provide AI SMEs with the resources they need to survive and grow in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Enabling A.I. SMEs

We help SMEs gain access to computational power, resource and talent that they would not normally be able to find or afford, enabling them to move their businesses forward.

Fostering R&D

We will leverage our network of A.I professionals and academics to provide business support and expertise to SMEs, guiding R&D projects and de-risking their path to success.

KEEP (Knowledge Exchange and Embed Partnership)

In such a fast paced innovative space, finding experts in Ai/ML to work for your company can be difficult. Through the KEEP programme we can assist with the process with helping you source your perfect candidate, part fund 37% of your KEEPS salary on a 6-12 month basis, offer support throughout with expertise and mentoring and provide access to a series of workshops.

Machine Learning Academy 

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CAP AI runs an innovation internship programme designed to assist with the placement of Masters and Undergraduate students into internships with Ai/ML startups. This internship lasts for 12 weeks and is paid at the London living wage £10.55 per hour, this value can be part-funded through the programme up to a value of £3000. The internship scheme is a great opportunity to test potential employees, hire part-funded talent and gives a student the opportunity to gain some real-world work experience in a diverse network of Ai/ML startups. 

P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator 

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Research Collaborations

Through the CAP AI programme we facilitate collaborations between some of the UK’s leading research institutions including universities such as Warwick, Loughborough, UCL and Queen Mary and Ai/ML startups within our network to take part in a collaboration of some kind. This can be through project briefs being supplied to students to work on as their summer dissertation, as 3-month collaboratory research resulting in a white paper or simply 3 months of working together to solve a problem or challenge.


CAP Ai is an ERDF part funded project which aims to provide support and resources to enable AI/ML first startup to survive, grow and scale. 

We are currently looking for research institutions to collaborate with the programme and our network of great Ai startups. This collaboration can take a number of forms and could work in a number of ways. Please let know if you are interested.

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