The Magnificent Seven Life Science Startups Hitting London this Summer

Who is your new favourite Life Sciences Company?

Cohort VI Press Release

By Susannah Williams


Exciting life sciences startups from around the world are kicking off their acceleration in London this week. RebelBio, the world’s first life sciences accelerator and owned by SOSV, has taken on seven companies for Cohort VI and they are working on some extremely innovative and disruptive tech. Whether you are into sustainability in the food sector, artificial intelligence and machine learning, neurodegenerative disease or the microbiome (to name a few) there is something here that you’ll want to follow. These companies include science lovers from a range of backgrounds, including BScs, MBAs, PhDs, doctors, surgeons, CEOs and visionaries, who are being thrust into a full-on three month programme including investment, mentorship and business training with RebelBio. Now for your run down of the teams:



Inflammatory bowel diseases, depression, metabolic disorders and many other diseases are strongly related to dysregulation of the gut microbiome (i.e. the trillions of bacteria living in your gut). Whereas a well balanced gut microbiome can provide a life-long personal, natural protection. Biomathematica are developing digital microbes (i.e. computer simulations of the human gut microbiome) to support personalised medicine. Working with genomic data, they use bioinformatics and dynamical mathematical modelling to give a gut microbiome forecast, design and optimise a personalised diet, and develop made-to-measure therapeutics treatments (prebiotics, probiotics).



1 in 5 people suffer from chronic sinus symptoms. OmProbiotics are changing this with their development of a sinus specific probiotic to cultivate a new path to sinus health. The OmProbiotics Sinus Rinse supports airway health as a category-creating sinus probiotic that is set to revolutionise a market in which millions of people are taking temporary symptomatic relief with unsatisfactory long-term results.

The OmProbiotic Sinus Rinse was created to give chronic sinus sufferers a new lease on life as it is impossible to be centered with the sniffles. With the Om Probiotic Sinus Rinse, their customers will universally experience a resonating sigh of relief!


Because Animals

Do you love your pet enough to give them the highest quality, human grade, animal-free, delicious pet food? Because Animals will use plants, microalgae, cultured protein and clean meat to make nutritious food for cats and dogs.

Because Animals is going to make a drastic impact on the $30-billion North American pet food market without harming a single cow, chicken or pig. Changing how we feed our companion animals can lessen the environmental devastation of factory farming, and produce ripple effects over our entire society — from rainforest preservation to reducing ocean pollution. Human-grade, sustainable, nutritious pet food that’s 100% animal-free. This is the future of pet food.


Machine Medicine

Doctors diagnose 60,000 new cases of Parkinson’s disease (PD) a year (USA). As a movement disorder the effectiveness of any therapy is currently measured subjectively (by UPDRS), hence potentially biasedly. Machine Medicine’s platform is for video capture, storage and analysis of clinical videos and most importantly objectively accurate.

In the first instance they are tackling PD, but it’s utility can extend to many more use cases, such as stroke rehabilitation, orthopaedic prostheses and arthritis. Many clinicians already record videos of PD patients, as a clinical record, but the process is manual, error prone and labour intensive. Their service simultaneously makes the process painless, while enhancing the information that is extracted from video using a cutting edge computer vision.



We are made up of a diverse range of cell types that can mutate or go awry, testing these cells to develop new therapies, to understand diseases or for biopsies is incredibly time consuming. Cellari enables doctors and non-specialists to take full advantage of recent developments in artificial intelligence.

Cellari are providing the most precise “active learning model” for bioimage segmentation combined with an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface for carrying out complex bioimaging tasks. An automated statistical testing service ensures statistical validity of clinical and research related results along with unparalleled review and methodology transparency functionalities.



MicroSpray Technologies

Size matters, or rather the uniformity of microparticles makes a big difference. A difference, for example, that can allow an eye surgery to become a outpatient event. MicroSpray technologies are making this a reality by decreasing the size of the drugs into uniform microspheres, then you can inject into the eye with the smallest gauge needle rather than a more invasive tool.

Currently, biopharmaceutical industries use costly chemical methods to manufacture microspheres, which rely on batch-type processes, have a low throughput and produce non-uniform particles. MicroSpray Technologies is developing a spray-manufacturing system which enables reproducible, tight and uniform control of particle size. Allowing clinicians to administer control over the rate at which drugs are delivered to patients, using novel slow release particle technologies.



Gene editing has become hugely important and it’s hotly anticipated benefits are expected to impact all areas of healthcare. One of it’s major drawbacks is the huge cost and time involved and thus the revolution is held back. DropGenie is a biotechnology company democratizing this by streamlining existing labor-intensive pipelines.

They are going mini! DropGenie’s core product offers a microfluidic platform to automate liquid handling and experimental conditions specific to gene editing, such as CRISPR. DropGenie are creating a more accessible at the point-of-need solution by reducing costs while improving standardization and reproducibility. Ultimately by supporting researchers to get their answers sooner, so everyone’s health can benefit.



That’s the companies but who are the people? Behind these companies are a great bunch of CEOs, CSOs, CTOs and more who have the skill to make this happen. Over the next few weeks RebelBio will be profiling the driven people behind the companies, so watch this space.

Cohort VI of the RebelBio accelerator is taking place in Imperial College White City Incubator, London.


Companies or prospective entrepreneurs that would like to avail of funding, mentorship & support for early-stage life sciences they can apply or show their interest here.

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