Capital Accelerator Programme

Capital Accelerator Programme aims to mesh an existing, under-resourced and disparate London entrepreneur support infrastructure into a coherent and structured eco-system involving both private and public sector organisations in order to increase the number and range of early stage SMEs that can successfully obtain the risk capital necessary to prove concept, prove market and scale their business concerns.

Capital List

A support service and platform that finds and then selects some of the best innovative, scalable and fast moving start-ups in London and then showcases and connects them to London’s leading investors, advisers and accelerator programmes. Capital Lists mission is to connect and grow London’s startup ecosystem. Capital List is founded by Capital Enterprise


The project will enhance and improve the collaboration and efforts of web entrepreneurship initiatives (hubs, projects, accelerator networks, contests, etc.), web/business experts (accelerators, mentors, etc.), educational actors (business teachers and trainers) and the young adults as the final beneficiaries (through student networks, their alumni and student entrepreneurship centres). The project will create synergies and find ways to embed flexible support services based on the existing best practices to be sustained by the student centres and student networks for supporting the young adults to become web-entrepreneurs.