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South Yorkshire Tech Startup Showcase

by | 19 May, 21 | TEAMSY | 0 comments

This week, Sheffield Digital is hosting Sheffield Digital Festival with the theme of ‘Remote Control.’ As part of this week long event, we ran a Tech Startup Showcase to highlight some of the region’s entrepreneurs who are taking control of their own destiny through launching and growing their technology startups.

We invited six startups to come and present at our Startup Showcase. We asked them to tell us a little bit about their journey to date, how things had been for them over the last year, and what big milestones they have coming upover the next 6 months or so, now that the country is starting to (hopefully) open up again.

Click on the profiles to visit the company websites and find out more.

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FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics

The UK's first machine monitoring platform that works for any CNC machine, in any factory.

FourJaw Manufacturing Analytics was founded by Chris Iveson and Robin Hartley from within the skunk-works of the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre.

FourJaw offers a machine agnostic data analytics platform that’s accessible, affordable, and uses Industry 4 tech to deliver productivity improvements with tangible benefits to a manufacturers’ bottom line.



Powerful false alarm filtering on any camera network

Add powerful intelligence-led reporting to any camera network in a matter of minutes. Significantly reduce false-positive alerts and ensure you never miss a critical alert again.

Alarmonit is a cloud-based platform that transforms the way your camera network detects and prevents security threats. We use powerful AI-based technology to analyse all camera events sent from your CCTV network and only send alerts for the ones that are critical to you.

Twin Dynamics

Twin Dynamics

Predictive power through Digital Twin technology

Our digital twin technology maps centimetre by centimetre the airflow and thermal insights within indoor spaces. It is this expert mapping which helps in predicting the spread of respiratory droplets and aerosols.

It is known that heavier droplets may travel two metres before settling down. However, the lighter micro-particles (aerosols) tend to be suspended in air for longer time, thus increasing the risk of exposure.

Parent List

Parent List

Helping you manage the mental load of parenting

Doing all-the-things to reach that elusive parent/life balance can quickly lead to burnout.

Even the most experienced jugglers need support. Whether you’re a startled new mum, a confused dad, or an overloaded, trying-to-do-everything hero, we’ve got you.

Calm the chaos, control overwhelm, and save time with the free Parent List app (because superheroes need sidekicks, too).

Bob's Business

Bob's Business

Award-winning cybersecurity courses and phishing training for organisations of all sizes

Growing numbers of organisations are at risk from cyber threats that could disrupt, damage or even destroy the data and physical assets that make up their business. By combining relatable narratives with social proof techniques and careful framing, we encourage positive behaviours and help build cybersecurity cultures.



We teach children to be safe and kind digital citizens.

We believe that every child has the right to learn how to thrive online, we have created an experiential learning environment for pupils to learn about their relationship with screens.

Packed with over 250 interactive teacher-led and independent lessons, Natterhub’s unique lesson library deals with all aspects of online safety and digital literacy.

Topics are far reaching and delve deeply into the issues faced by children using technology.

As well as hearing from the startups about their journeys, I also gave a little talk on startup ecosystems, what we mean when we talk about startup ecosystems and some of the environmental elements needed for the startup community to thrive.

We’ve been having a lot of conversations with all the key players in South Yorkshire’s startup ecosystem and have built up a pretty good map of what’s out there. We’ll continue to add to it, so if you notice that anybody is missing, please let us know!

It was great to meet so many great people at the event, but if you missed it, watch this space for new events and programmes coming soon from TEAM SY, including our AI Academy and Investment Readiness Programme. In the meantime, pay it forward 🙂

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