University & Research Institution Opportunities


CAP-AI is working alongside some of the UK’s best research institutions to enable academics to use their research and technical capabilities within some of Londons top AI SMEs.

Would your research institution like to be a part of CAP-AI? See the different opportunities on offer below.

Research Collaborations



  • Find your Masters students projects with enterprises (private sector) that provide them with a focus for their dissertations.
  • Collaborations are intended to be long-term (3 months or more) and sustained
  • Collaborations may (and we hope they do!) result in potential permanent employment for your students post MSc.

When: Dissertation time: June -September

Funding: There is funding available to take part in this opportunity. Get in touch for more information.

If you are interested in research collaborations but don’t think MSc dissertations will work for you, we are more than happy to hear your ideas and give you more information on the specifics on what we are trying to achieve.

Post-Grad Innovation Internships



  • Help your post-grads find a paid internship within an AI startup focusing on an area of expertise relevant to your their studies
  • Internships will be focused on the student undertaking a particular non critical R&D project making use of the academics expertise

When: 12 weeks in the summer (between June – September).

Send your academics to our Graduate Opportunities page for more information

Deadline for post-grad applicants: Mid-April


Post-MSc / PhD Knowledge Exchange and Ember Partners (KEEPs)



  • Find your Post-MSc/PhD students find full time employment in one of London’s top AI startups
  • Encourage your students to use their expertise to make a difference in the startup ecosystem, rather than the corporate giants
  • Under CAP-AI Post MSc/PhD student will focus on a specific are of R&D for the company they are working with and have an active input in what that is and where the company could take their capabilities.
  • We only select startups with the intention of employing the KEEP as a full time employee once the project is complete.
  • We would love to hear from interested parties before projects begin to get scoped so we can ensure these partnerships are as cohesive as possible and the students research and interests are used to their advantage.


When: Ongoing. We have a few projects scoped and looking for Post-MSc/PhDs who fit the bill and are up for the challenge. These will go live on our website in a few weeks.

Cost: Competitive salary determined by the company and part funded by CAP-AI. No cost to the research institution.

Send your academics to our Graduate Opportunities page for more information

Deadline for Post-MSc / PhD applicants: Ongoing, no deadline but are building a pool of top talent.

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