What We Do

We are dedicated to accelerating the UK tech startup ecosystem by leveraging our network of member organisations (among them leading investors, universities, local authorities, accelerators, incubators, and enterprise agencies) in support of entrepreneurship.

We operate across four areas:

  1. We serve founders and startups from communities that are under-represented;
  2. We co-develop tech startup ecosystems;
  3. We pioneer specialised startup innovation programmes such as tech accelerators;
  4. We support ambitious startups to raise funding.

Serving Under-Represented Founders

Promoting and enabling inclusive growth is a key priority for Capital Enterprise. We are committed to working with our members and the wider startup community to help them find a way to diversify the pipeline of ambitious entrepreneurs so as to create more opportunities, particularly in tech entrepreneurship, for women, people from under-represented communities, and those with limited financial and social capital.


Amplify Venture

Developing Tech Startup Ecosystems

Promoting and enabling regional growth is a key priority for Capital Enterprise. By taking an ecosystem approach, we work with key stakeholders in a region to help create the optimum conditions for technology startups to thrive. We work to build connections between existing players, identify gaps in startup provision and work to attract and retain high quality programmes that complement the needs of the region.

TEAM SY, delivered in partnership with Barnsley Council and funded by the ERDF, is our flagship ecosystem development programme. In total, TEAM SY has seen over 5,000 hours of support delivered across 18 distinct programmes to nearly 300 startups from South Yorkshire.

Over that period, South Yorkshire saw an 18% increase in startup formation. Data from Beauhurst show that startup investment increased by more than 42% in 2022 compared to the previous year.


Pioneering Specialised Innovation Programmes

Innovation is an essential contributor to growth. Our work helps our members and partners to deliver programmes that support startups and entrepreneurs across the UK to start and scale innovative tech-enabled businesses.



Cancer Tech Accelerator

P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator

Supporting Startups to Raise Investment

Capital Enterprise has extensive early-stage investment experience. We have provided management support to startup seed investment funds, primarily the Mayor of London funded, London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) and the AI Seed Fund.

The London Co-Investment Fund (LCIF) invested nearly £23m alongside over £180m from the private sector into the pre-seed and seed rounds of 149 London-based tech startups. We also managed the AI Seed Fund before spinning it out, which is a seed-stage investment focused on support AI-driven startups.

In 2022 alone, we supported the delivery of 48 distinct accelerators and training programmes around the UK which supported 1,188 companies to raise more than £29 million in investment and £5.5 million in grant funding.

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