Company: WILD
Role: Technical Intern


WILD is building the AI health and training companion for runners, cyclists and swimmers.

We use deep reinforcement learning to extract valuable and actionable insights from activity-related data and provide personalised and adaptive training plans to athletes, and help them avoid injuries. Ultimately, we’ll be the personal health companion with access to the broadest range of datasets of health-conscious people.

We have a very ambitious roadmap and are looking to expand our team. Backed by the best deep tech incubator globally, EntrepreneurFirst, we thrive to bring the best experience to athletes and sports enthusiasts.

We are also backed by the chairman of Octopus and by the founder of FitnessFirst, amongst others, and advised by AI renowned professors, the co-founder of cycling brand Rapha (acquired for £200mn) and the founder of Active (before its $650mn IPO).


Job Description

Based on the principle that everyone should be able to use and learn from the data they track for their own benefit, we are building WILD.
We help runners, cyclists and swimmers stick to their training goals and prepare for their races.

Powered by the latest technologies, we bring value by collecting, analysing and displaying physical and mental wellbeing related to the training our athletes do. With that information we provide tailored recommendations to improve their health & fitness.

This is an opportunity to join a fast growing and exciting early-stage company that is working on bringing AI to consumer health improvement.

We are looking for a technical intern to join our team, responsible of working with the Tech & AI team. We’re passionate about our product, and look for equally motivated individuals.


1. Responsibilities

– Identify design problems and devise elegant solutions
– Assist in the building of the front and back end of the bot
– Data extraction and analysis
– Discuss AI solutions to implement

– Ad-hoc work


2. Requirements

Must have:
– Hungry, Helpful, Happy, Humble
– Huge enthusiasm and positive, “Can do anything” attitude
– Be open to receiving feedback and constructive criticism
– Be willing to help teammates, share knowledge and experience with them, and learn from them
– Working knowledge of Excel
– Interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence
– Interest in endurance sports
– Programming skills and ability to learn new things independently – if haven’t used Angular, Django, ability to learn it fast (i.e. previous experience in other languages)

Good to have:
– Skills in one or more of Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS should have
– Angular, Django, AWS, Postgres and Git – even better!
– Extensive experience in using UX design best practices to design solutions, and a deep understanding of mobile-first and responsive design
– Ability to clearly and effectively communicate design processes, ideas, and solutions to teams and clients
– Ability to establish digital marketing strategies
– A clear understanding of the importance of user-centered design
– Be familiar with chatbot development process and tools
– Knowledge in flow charts, process maps, UML models, org charts, and ER diagrams
– Passion for endurance sports

– Pregnant women or young mothers most welcome, we can easily accommodate to flexible work


3. What you’ll learn

– Sales pipeline creation
– Competitive analysis
– Chatbot back and front end development
– Back and front end web development
– Customer retention tools
– Digital Marketing
– Growth hacking
– Artificial Intelligence


How to apply:

Please complete this online application form + send your CV  to