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Welcome to the GLA’s Self Assessment and Toolkit for workspace operators and stakeholders which has the following goals.

For workspace providers – the tool:

  • Enables you to review your policies and processes and initiate changes that we hope will assist you in securing and delivering affordable workspaces with a higher level of socio-economic impact.   

  • Provides worked and real-life examples of what good practice looks like and helps you to understand how you fare against that benchmark.

For the economic development and enterprise policymakers, practitioners and grant givers, the tool:

  • Provides a robust and standardised way of benchmarking workspace providers with genuine local community impact priorities.
  • Will be useful in attracting providers of this kind to take on additional local spaces as they come on stream.

The process:

  • A self-assessment tool which takes you through a series of questions within the themes of Affordability, Business Support, Community Impact and Responsible Business Practice.
  • Additional information and guidance on how to assess yourself against these questions are provided, please follow the relevant links.
  • Extensive worked and real live examples of what ‘good’ looks like in each of these themes are provided, please follow the relevant links.

The Self-Assessment Tool

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